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Being the secluded location, Tibet and tradition of Buddhism in Tibet have not been exposed to the outer world for more than 14th Centuries. Even though the traditional Tibetan Buddhist tradition was not exposed to the outer world, but Buddhism have been rising up in Tibet and most of the Tibetan population follow and respect and worship Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism, many Buddhist followers have tendency to follow and respect various form of Buddha such as Pancha Buddha, Nepali Buddha statues and there are tradition of crafting various styles of Tibetan Buddha statues, painting a great quality of Thangkas. Another distinctive features of Tibetan Buddhism is the four great Buddhist schools that existed in the Tibet for many centuries. These four Buddhist schools are:

  1. Nyingma Buddhist School
  2. Kagyu Buddhist School
  3. Sakya Buddhist School
  4. Gelug Buddhhist School

Nyingma Buddhist School

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Also Known as the School of the ancient ones, Nyingma Buddhist school is one of the oldest Buddhist schools in Tibet. The founder of Nyingma Buddhist School is believed to Padmasambhava in 9th century thus being the oldest Buddhist school and is the second largest Buddhist schools in Tibet after Gelug Buddhist School. Padmasambhava is considered as the second master in various Buddhist tradition, i.e. Tibetan Buddhism, Nepali Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism, etc. The core teachings of Nyingma Buddhist school are the teachings based on Karma and Terma and Nyin-Thig. According to history of Buddhism in Tibet, three important tantric techniques and methods are mainly practiced in Nyingma and they are Mahayoga, Ayuyoga, Atiyoga. Padmasambhava is popularly known as Guru Rinpoche and this name is famous in Western Countries also. Famous Buddhist gurus in Nyingma Buddhist school are Sogyal Rinpoche, Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche and Chagdud Tulku Khandro.

Kagyu Buddhist School

Being the best school in the system and practices of meditation, Kagyu Buddhist school was believed to be founded in 1012. Buddhist practices such as meditation, chanting that started in this school are quite popular Buddhist practices in Tibet and plays an important role in the development of Buddhism in Tibet. The core teachings of Kagyu Buddhist school is based on the teachings of Mahamudra. The founder of Kagyu Buddhist school are four Buddhist masters and they are Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa and Gampopa, Kagyu Buddhist school mainly follow the teachings based on Tantras. Due to its superior system and meditation practices, Kagyu Buddhist school have strong influence in South East Asia as well as Malaysia. Some main Tantric practice are six yogas of Naropa, Chakrasambhava and Mahakala. The head of Kagyu Buddhist schools is known as "Karmepa" and the current head of Kagyu Buddhist School is 17th Karmepa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

Sakya Buddhist School

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Sakya Buddhist school is the smallest Buddhist school among the great four Buddhist school in Tibet. According to the history of Tibetan Buddhism, Sakya Buddhist school is believed to be founded from the monastery with grey earth walls. The core teachings of Sakya Buddhist school is based on the teachings of Lamdre and main tantric practice are Hevajra, Mahakala and Chakrasambhava. The heads of Sakya Buddhist school is known as Sakya Trizin, Ngakwang kunga. The main headquarters of Sakya Buddhist school lies in the Uttar Pradesh of India.

Gelug Buddhist school

Being the largest Buddhist School in Tibet, Gelug Buddhist school is known as "Yellow hat" sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It was founded in mid 90's by Je Tsongkhapa who is known as the greatest scholars in Tibet. Spiritual Leaders of Tibetan Buddhism such as Dalai Lamas came from Gelug Buddhist schools. The current head of Gelug Buddhist school is appointed by official and is known as Ganden Tripa and the current head is Thubten Nyima Lungtok Tenzin Norbu. The core teaching of Gelug Buddhist schools is based on the teachings of Chakrasambhava, Vajrayogini, and Kalachakra.

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These Buddhist schools are quite important role in the development of Tibetan Buddhism. In these schools, the Buddhist monks and devouts are taught meditation, chanting, sutras in front of Nepal Tibet Buddha statues. Thus Nepali Buddha statues as well as Tibetan Buddha statues are considered quite important and are believed to help in the attainment of knowledge on the teachings of Buddha.

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