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Prince Siddhartha became the Enlightened One after attaining the Nirvana under Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya. Lord Buddha went through six years of hardship and meditation, and attained the ultimate truths of life and truths. Lord Buddha meditates under the Bodhi tree for next 49 days. After 49 days, Lord Buddha began his journey to teach the first Wheel of Dharma in Sarnath. These teachings included various other Buddhist teachings such as Four Noble Truths, Noble Eightfold Paths and other various Buddhist discourses. It is believed that these various discourses later became the sources for the core principles of Hinayana i.e. Theravada Buddhism and also known as lesser vehicle. Whilst the second as well as the third Wheel of Dharma includes various Buddhist sutras such as The perfection of Wisdom Sutra, and Sutra Discriminating the Intention etc.

When Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment, Lord Buddha also found answers to unsolved questions of life, death, rebirth and truths. The teachings of Lord Buddha saved many living beings, souls in every realm of life and deaths. His teachings are also the sources of many Buddhist traditions, such as Mahayana Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Nepali Buddhism etc. These teachings consists of various important Buddhist terms as well sutras such as Dharma, Karma, five precepts, wheel of life or Bhavachakra, Lotus sutra, Abhidhamma sutra etc.

Basic Teachings of Buddha

teachings of buddha

Basically, there are some important Buddhist teachings that are quite important which can help to understand the basic meanings of Buddhism and help to understand the meanings of Wheel of Dharma. Some of the important Buddhist teachings are:

  1. The Triple Gem

    The triple Gem are the three important things in Buddhism. These three gems are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. One should take refuge in Buddha, Dharma as well as Sangha. One should actually know the true meanings behind these Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
    "I Take Refuge in Buddha
    I Take Refuge in Dharma
    I Take Refuge in Sangha"

  2. Three Universal Truths

    When Buddha attained Nirvana, he found answers and meanings of Three Universal Truths. These three Universal Truths are:

    a. Nothing is Lost in Universe
    b. Everything Changes and Keep on changing Continuously
    c. Cause and Effect

  3. Noble Four Truths

    The Four Noble Truths teach us about the suffering, it's cause, how to end these sufferings, and the medium to end the sufferings. Noble Four Truths can be considered as the important Buddhist teachings and even non Buddhist devout have heard of these Four truths. These four Noble Truths are:

    a. Suffering
    b. Cause of Suffering
    c. End of Suffering
    d. Noble Eightfold Path to end the Suffering

  4. Noble Eightfold Path

    Noble Eightfold Path is the path to end the suffering i.e. the fourth Noble truths. The teachings of Noble eightfold path showed way to end the suffering, and eliminate every cause of the sufferings. These eight paths are:

    a. Right View
    b. Right Intention
    c. Right Speech
    d. Right Conduct
    e. Right Livelihood
    f. Right Effort
    g. Right Mindfulness
    h. Right Concentration

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These are the basic teachings of Buddha that played important role in the development of Buddhism in many Asian Countries. Many Buddhist sculptures, Nepal Tibet Buddha statues also depicts some kinds of teachings i.e. meditation mudra of Buddha images depicts that one should deeply meditate to make his mind and body one so that they can truly attained the ultimate meanings behind the life, death and rebirths. During the Parinirvana i.e. Death of Buddha, Lord Buddha gave his last teachings to many Buddhist monks who were grieving in front of the reclining Buddha. Gautama Buddha gave sermons and asked each and every Buddhist monks not to grieve and practice and study these teachings of Buddha.

Buddha statues are some of the important medium that Buddhist devout and monks use for meditation as well as important Buddhist practices. In most of the Buddhist tradition different styles of Buddha statues are known to provide important teachings of Buddha since different Buddha statues are representation of events of Buddha life. Burmese Buddha statues, Nepali Buddha statues, Japanese Buddha statues, Tibetan Buddha statues etc are quite famous all around the world.

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