Nepali Buddha Statues

The statues of Buddha are not only the sculptures that symbolize the Shakyamuni Buddha but also the Buddhist sculptures that are used as the symbol of meditation and Buddhist practices of Buddhist devout all over the world. In the current time, Buddha statues are considered as the medium to practice various Buddhist techniques such as meditation, preaching to junior Buddhist monks. Many Asian countries such as Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Tibet, China, and Japan are known all over the world for beautiful Buddha statues carrying religious and historical importance. The Buddhist art of Buddha statues are quite amazing when crafted and build in these countries.

Nepal is one of the oldest Buddhist countries where the Buddhist tradition and Buddhist cultures have been practicing from the time period of Lord Buddha. The tradition and history of making and crafting Buddhist sculptures has been passed down to young generation in Nepal. Nepali Buddha statues, Buddha paintings, Buddha images are very popular in many Buddhist Asian countries and Western countries in the present times. Buddha statues in Nepal are considered very artistic and very beautiful.

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Buddha Statues in Nepal

In Nepal, Buddha statues are known for their characteristics to demonstrate the teachings of Buddha which is also known as "Buddharupa". In Nepalese Buddhism, Nepali Buddha statues are also considered as the symbol of learning which leads to the path to Nirvana. There is saying, "One can learn Buddhism from every portion of Buddha statues". Many Buddhist devout conveyed that the primary role of each and every Buddha statues is to convey the calm feelings that one should feel and sense after watching Buddha statues and the same applies to Buddhist monks who meditate in front of Buddha statues. Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal such as Swayambhunath Temple, Lumbini etc houses many ancient Nepali Buddha statues.

Nepal is also known all over the world for their exceptional handmade skills in making and crafting Nepali Buddha statues as well as Tibetan Buddha statues which also aspire to develop inner happiness and satisfaction. The Buddha statue of Shakyamuni Buddha in Jokhang temple, one of the Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Tibet, was considered as the heart of Jokhang temple during the time of Princess Bhrikuti. Among all the Buddhist tradition, Nepal is known for their ancient Buddhist tradition i.e. Vajrayana Buddhism, and Newar Buddhism and Buddhist devout in Nepal also practices ancient form of Vajrayana Buddhism and that applies to the tradition of making Buddha statues. As mentioned above, Nepali Buddha statues are made and crafted handmade and the methods are quite ancient and has been passed down from old generation to new generation.

Types of Buddha statues in Nepal

In Nepal, certain types of Buddha statues are quite popular among Buddhist countries. These types of Buddha statues are bought and collected by many monasteries, Shrines, antique statue collector all over the world. Some important types of Buddha statues are:

  1. Shakyamuni Buddha Statues from Nepal
  2. Amitabha Buddha statues (One of the Pancha Buddha Statues)
  3. Vairochana Buddha statues(One of the Pancha Buddha Statues)
  4. Maitreya Buddha statues
  5. Laughing Buddha

Nepali Buddha statues can also be found in different sizes, postures, mudras of hands, and materials. These Buddha statues are also available for major Bodhisattvas, such as Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva Manjushree, various Taras etc. It also varies according to the materials they are used to make Nepali Buddha statues. Some of the popular Nepali Buddha statues in terms of materials are:

  1. Copper Buddha statues
  2. Wooden Buddha statues
  3. Marble Buddha statues
  4. Gold Buddha statues
  5. Silver Buddha statues

These are some of the popular Nepal Tibet Buddha statues in terms of materials used. Some popular mudras that are depicted in Buddha statues are Abhaya mudra, Dhyana mudra, Bhumisparsha mudra, Dharmachakra mudra etc. It is also said that it only applies when Pancha Buddhas statues are depicted together.

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