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Nepal And Tibet Buddhas

Asian art is one of the largest collections of original and antique Nepali and Tibetan Buddha statues, Buddha images and other Buddhist sculptures related with Tibetan and Nepali Buddhist tradition. In Buddhist tradition, Buddha statues are considered as the representation of Gautama Buddha himself. Nepali Buddha statues and Tibetan Buddha statues are some of the most popular Buddhist sculptures all over the world due to its superior quality and expert skills in artistic design and handwork.

Tibetan Buddha Statues

Tibet is one of the most secluded Buddhist countries yet the religious beliefs, methods, development of Buddhism in Tibet have already reached new heights. Tibetan Buddha statues and Tibetan Buddha paintings are some of the most popular Buddhist sculptures in the whole world. Along with the Nepali Buddha statues, Tibetan Buddha statues are quite artistically crafted and made, being some of the oldest Buddhist tradition, there are thousands of old Buddha statues and Buddha sculptures such as Buddha statues of Shakyamuni Buddha, and Buddha images of Vairochana. They are considered as the core of Jokhang temple which was brought from the queen of Tibetan Emperor Songtsan Gampo i.e. Princess Bhrikuti from Nepal, and Princess Wencheng from Chinese Royal Family.

The Jokhang Temple is one of the important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Tibet along with Palcho Buddhist monastery, Potala Palace etc. Tibetan Buddha statues are also famous for their artistic depiction of other forms of Buddha such as Maitreya Buddha, Amitabha Buddha etc. Our Gallery aims to provide original and antique Buddha statues of Tibet of all ranges and Buddhist styles in Tibetan Buddhism though our online website.

Nepali Buddha Statues

Being the birth Country of Gautama Buddha, Nepal and Lumbini has been the home of Buddhism for more than two millenniums. Ancient form of Vajrayana Buddhism is still practiced within the Newar Buddhists and these newar craftsmen are some of the most skilled Buddha statues crafter and their skill rival with the Buddha statue experts from Burma, Thailand etc. Nepali Buddha statues are some of the most beautiful Buddha statues and some statues are even thousands of years old.

Buddha statues made by Newari craftsmen are even popular during lifetime of Princess Bhrikuti. The Buddha statues of Shakyamuni Buddha in Jokhang Temple of Tibet, is one of the most important Buddha statues that are connected to the history and Buddhist cultures of Nepal. The Buddha image of Maitreya Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, and Vairochana Buddha etc is also quite popular among Nepali Buddha statues collection and figures of Major Bodhisattvas such as Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, Manjushree, statues and paintings of Tara, i.e. Bhavachakra. One of the famous Buddhist stupa in all Asia, Swayambhunath temple which is one of the important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal, consists of thousands of old Buddhist shrines, Buddha statues, monasteries, museum etc.

Buddha statues Collection

Our Buddha statues gallery provides all types and styles of Tibetan Buddha statues as well as Nepali Buddha statues based on different styles of Buddha statues, poses, hand mudras and gestures, materials used to make statues of Buddha. Aside from Buddha statues from Tibet and Nepal, our gallery consists of various Buddha statues from other countries. Some of our most popular Buddha statues are:

  1. Burmese Buddha statues
  2. Thai Buddha statues
  3. Chinese Buddha statues
  4. Japanese Buddha statues
  5. Indonesian Buddha statues

Our main aim is to provide all types as well as size of Tibetan and Nepali Buddha statues to all our clients at a very reasonable price through our website. Please Visit our Nepal Tibet Buddhas Gallery for more Tibetan as well as Nepali Buddha statues.

Some of the items we sell are:

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